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Mixed News Monday

Two very different reports on the state of B2B marketing hit my desk this morning.

The first is a new report from B2B Marketing on the contribution of the B2B industry to the UK economy based on a survey of 809 senior UK managers. The headline is that 80% of all UK firms derive at least some of their income from B2B. And 44% of UK turnover comes from B2B activity. The report then goes onto break the activity down by sector and by region, which is worth a look. But the big news is that B2B is a big part of the British economy and not to be overlooked.

Compare this with the second report of the day. This one is from McKinsey and is entitled “Unleashing the CMO in B2B insurance”. The headline here is that “unlike their B2C counterparts, many B2B insurers do not consider marketing a vital function…”. The report goes on to articulate some key steps that CMOs can take to address this. The advice is sound: stakeholder management, de-siloing, tying marketing to the bottom line.

B2B marketers have a big role to play in maintaining and growing the value of B2B in Britain. We’ve come a long way but there’s a lot still to do.

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Dave is an experienced global B2B Chief Marketing Officer / Marketing Director with an established reputation for delivering commercial results in start-up, mid-tier, and blue-chip businesses across technology, and business services and professional services sectors.

Dave has worked for major brands such as Telefonica O2, EY, and Barclays and held posts from Chief Marketing Officer to Director of Online, has run his own business, and managed a P&L for a major corporate. He is chair and co-founder of the Business Marketing Club ( - a network of B2B marketers. In 2019, he was named one of the top 100 B2B European marketing leaders ( He is a graduate of Cambridge University, a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Chartered Marketer and holds a MBA with Imperial College, London. Dave is a keen cyclist and adventure traveller, is married, and lives in Buckinghamshire. You can read his blogs at

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