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Never enough people…

By Dave Stevens Google+ Judging by the number of pieces of research on marketing that have been crossing my desk of late, it’s report season. One such document that has been asking for my attention is a report from Frost & Sullivan on 2012 marketing priorities entitled “Assessing the Value […]

Reasons to get to know a MEP

By Dave Stevens Google+ Have you ever had a conversation with an MEP? I had an opportunity to do so yesterday and in between complaining about how busy he was, how unappreciated he was, and the lack of feedback he was receiving from his constituents, he told me that we […]

Take a deep breath and relax…

By Dave Stevens Google+ The traditionally more sober B2B marketing profession must be obsessed with social media if its suppliers are to be believed.  B2B marketers can’t move right now for events, webinars, white papers, books, articles, and yes even social media on the subject. I went along to just such an […]