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The story you don’t want to hear…

The edited transcript of a speech I gave to the PRMoment ( conference on “Storytelling:  The role of public relations as a content provider” on 20 November 2014 in London… Story-telling is as old as the oldest civilization.  The Australian aboriginals painted symbols from stories on cave walls as a […]

The History of Content Marketing

Here’s the edited text of my speech to the B2B Marketing Annual Conference held at Cavendish Square in London on 7 November 2013… To be clear, today I’m representing my views – not those of the firm that I work for. And it’s one of at least eight different views […]

Never enough people…

By Dave Stevens Google+ Judging by the number of pieces of research on marketing that have been crossing my desk of late, it’s report season. One such document that has been asking for my attention is a report from Frost & Sullivan on 2012 marketing priorities entitled “Assessing the Value […]